Do we feel that we are “standing alone” in the battle for better quality?

Do we find that each department has a different understanding of Quality?

How can we close the gap?

Role of a Quality Leader
Mr Clarence Tan

24 April 2019
7pm to 9pm
Singapore Quality Institute
Free Interest Group Session
Refreshments will be provided from 6:30pm

In this sharing session, we will explore the importance of Quality Leadership that is instrumental in changing the tide of the organization. It plays a unifying role and works as a catalysis for change. It is easier said than done, and it requires a broad based understanding of human behavior and organizational strength. We will discuss with the analogy synonymous with football management.

Sharing Topics

  1. Role as a Leader in different situation
  2. Organizational Dept and the natural limitations
  3. The ever changing quality expectations vs limitation
  4. Formation Evolution
  5. The importance of Teamwork
  6. Effective Global Communication requirements