Upcoming Events

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Unfriending Waste Through Lean Practices

09 January 2019 7pm to 9pm

In a dynamic business environment, delivering sustainable business outcome is a key driver to company growth, customer retentions and stakeholders satisfaction.

Lean principles and practices plays a vital role in order to achieve consistency in services delivered and achieve quality excellence in business outcomes.

SQI Bookfair

Book Sale with discounts exclusive for SQI members. Please click for exciting offers.

3rd WACQ Summit

8 & 9 November 2018

The World Alliance for Chinese Quality (WACQ) was ͞co-sponsored͟ by the Chinese Association for Quality (Beijing), Chinese Society for Quality (Taipei), Hong Kong Society for Quality (Hong Kong), and Singapore Quality Institute (Singapore) in 2015. The mission of the alliance is to build a quality communication platform for all Chinese around the world, cohesively engaging them in quality for global business, building quality management systems with Chinese characteristics, and striving to enhance the Chinese quality management practices, quality image, and to promote excellence in Chinese quality culture.