Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events 2019-07-10T16:02:13+00:00

Design Thinking for Products and Services

24 Jul 2019, Saturday – 7:15pm to 9pm

By Neo Wei Woon, CMC

SFF2019 SQI Quality Day

27 July 2019, Saturday – 9am to 5pm

SkillFuture Festival 2019

Role of Design Thinking in Quality Management

21 Aug 2019 – 7pm to 9pm

Explore how to use design thinking to introduce various initiatives

ANQ Congress 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand)

We are pleased to inform you that 17th Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) Congress will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, October 21-24’2019.

Theme: Quality Innovation for Sustainability
Venue: The Berkeley Hotel, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
Website: https://www.anq2019.org/

SQI Bookfair

Book Sale with discounts exclusive for SQI members. Please click for exciting offers.