Supplier Quality Audit

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The purpose of a Supplier Quality Audit is for you to verify if the supplier’s quality systems, processes, or products satisfy (comply with) the requirements as set forth in the contractual agreements, procedures, and/or agreed upon standards.

This workshop is specially designed for professionals related to Supply Chain, Purchasing, Quality and Manufacturing Management who are responsible for managing your supplier’s quality performance and who are interested in developing and enhancing your personal competence & effectiveness in the Supplier Quality Audit related areas.

By attending this highly interactive workshop, you will be:

• Guided to the Fundamentals and Pre-requisites of Supplier Quality Audits
• Able to acquire the skills of a Competent Auditor and be part of a cohesive Audit Team
• Equipped with the expertise and competence in organizing and managing your Supplier’s Quality Audits

Mr G.E. Tan, who has extensive experience in Manufacturing, Quality, Industrial, Supply Management and Supplier Quality Development & Management, with over 40 years at Operations Management Level. He is currently a Member of the American Society for Quality, and a Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Quality Institute.

In the area of professional accreditation, Mr. GE Tan is a Certified Lead Assessor for Supplier Certification & Risks Assessments, Certified Assessor by European Foundation for Quality Management, Trained Assessor for the EduTrust Certification Scheme (Council for Private Education c/o Ministry of Education).

Mr. GE Tan is a subject matter expert in leading Audit & Assessment Teams (comprising of multi-national team members) in conducting Business Excellence Framework (EFQM Excellence Model) Assessments; Risk & Certification Assessments; Productivity Scans; ISO 9001 Company-Wide Audits; and Production Process Readiness Audits / Assessments on suppliers located both locally and overseas. He has audited over 80 companies worldwide in the last 6 years. The overseas suppliers included those in Europe, Eastern Europe, UK, USA, Mexico, Latin America, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, HK & many provinces in China.


1. Supplier Quality Auditing Fundamentals
• Types of Supplier Quality Audits
• Process Audits
• Product Audits
• Assessment Audits
• Risk Audits
• Audit Purpose & Scope
• Audit Benefits
• Roles & Responsibilities
• What are Auditors responsible for?
• What are Auditees responsible for?
• Professional Conduct / Ethical Responsibilities
• Rules of Conduct
• Conflict of Interest
• Unethical Activities

2. Auditor Competencies
• Auditor Characteristics
• Auditor Professionalism
• Auditor Judgments
• On-Site Resource Management
• On-Site Logistic Changes
• On-Site Team Meetings and Activities
• Conflict Resolution
• Communication & Presentation Techniques
• Interviewing Techniques
• Questioning Techniques
• Individual Interviews
• Group Interviews
• Team Dynamics
• Types of Teams
• Team Organisation
• Team Operating Guidelines
• Team Performance Factors

3. Audit Planning & Performance
• Audit Preparation & Planning
• Audit Planning Elements
• Auditor Selection
• Audit Related Documentation
• Audit Logistics
• Audit Tools & Working Papers
• Audit Strategies
• Audit Performance
• On-Site Audit Management
• Opening Meeting
• Data Collection & Analysis
• Establishment of Objective Evidence
• Organisation of Objective Evidence
• Exit & Closing Meeting

4. Audit Reporting & Follow-up
 Audit Reporting
• Development & Content
• Effective Reports
• Report Steps
• Audit Follow-up
• Corrective Action Processes
• Corrective Action Plan Review
• Corrective Action Verification
• Ineffective Corrective Action Audit Closure
• Audit Closure

2-Days (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM DAILY)

S$520 (Members) and S$560 (Non-Members)
Course fees include Training materials, Certificates and light refreshments
Registration Fee of $16 per participant will be added to all Executive Courses. (GST not applicable)

Contact: Jonathan Koh
DID: 6467 4225
Fax: 6467 4226

Please fax or email your completed form to:
Fax: (65) 6467 4226