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This Lean for Retail service training is designed for individuals in retail service to understand the concept of The Lean and to prepare individuals to participate in improvement project at the workplace. The course had been designed specifically to enable individuals to benefit from workgroup discussion and case studies.

Lean thinking is a logical and systematic approach that can be applied to retail service. Focus change from physical product to customer service in service sector. Customer engagement and customer queue become key consideration in retail service

This methodology can lead to significant financial gain and increase of customer satisfaction.

• Learn the Lean methodology, concept and philosophy.
• Learn to Lean tools & techniques to analyze real life problem
• Understand number one waste in retail service which is inventory.
• Apply concept of actual queue and perceived queue in retail operation
• Process mapping for transaction from customer point of view

Course Content

A. Introduction to Lean and TPS
• Intro about Lean TPS
• Case studies for Lean in business

B. Waste identification and elimination
• Learn Work activities breakdown
• Understand 7W and 5S / Search for Waste
• Basic QC Tools

C. Create continuous flow and Establish pull
• Applying JIT to Retail
• Kanban and Re-ordering Point
• TAKT Time / Load Balancing in Customer Service
• Queue management
• Process mapping for transaction
• 7+8 Wastes for Walk in Customer Service
• Learn QWQWDUST Wastes

Retail management professional/ Start up business owner / Continuous improvement professional for retail industry / Customer Service professional

Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the course.

1 Day (9am – 5pm)

S$240.43 (For SQI Member), S$257.60 (For Non-Member)
Price is inclusive of training materials, certificates and two tea breaks. Course fees are subjected to change without prior notice.
Registration Fee of $17.12 apply
All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST

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