This Lean Manufacturing course is design for individuals to understand the concept of The Lean and to prepare individuals to implement the principles and concept to the workplace. The course had been designed specifically to enable individuals to benefit from Lean Thinking and Lean Techniques through workgroup discussion and playing of games.

The Lean Manufacturing methodology is a logical and systematic application that focuses on creating an organization environment that continuously seek and eliminate the Waste. When properly deployed, the organization will evolve into a learning organization that continuously lower the water level to surface more challenges. This methodology can lead to significant financial gain and increase of customer satisfaction.

Lean practitioner plays an important role in the organization to lead and develop the production system that focus on “Just in Time” Methodology to eliminate the financial liability of inventory and raising water level due to inventory built up. Lean practitioner also helps to create the environment to encourage problem solving and working toward a Lean organization.

• Learn the Lean methodology, concept and philosophy.
• Learn to Lean tools & techniques to analyze real life problem
• Apply Lean Tools to tackle cycle time reduction and process improvement.
• Apply VSM for analysis and future planning

Course Content

A. Introduction to Toyota Production System
• Learn about Toyota Production System
• Intro to Toyoda Family & TPS house
• Learn about the Toyota Way
• Philosophy for Lean

B. Waste identification and elimination
• Learn Work breakdown and 7Wastes
• Search for Waste and Basic QC Tools
• Case studies for Lean Solution

C. Create continuous flow and Establish pull
• Apply VSM to identify waste
• Learn JIT/One Piece Flow/
• TAKT Time
• Change over time
• Kanban & Reordering point

D. Sustaining the System
• Built in Quality / Poka Yoke
• Jidoka
• 5S and Visual Management


Management, Production Planners, Manufacturing Engineers, Manufacturing Supervisors and Quality
Professionals who are responsible for productivity, quality or efficiency improvement in their organizations.


Participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion upon meeting 75% of the required course attendance.

S$480.86 (Members) S$515.21 (Non-Members)
Registration Fee of $17.12 apply
SDF funding & SkillsFuture applicable
All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST

COURSE DURATION: 2-Days (09:00am – 05:00pm daily)

DID: 6467 4225

Please fax or email your completed form to:
Fax: (65) 6467 4226