Lean has found its way into businesses across every industry like manufacturing, healthcare, medical, logistics, retail and ecommerce for good reason. It represents the better way to run a business that save cost, time and resources while delivering the value that customer required.

This program will provide in-depth knowledge and practical case studies for Certified Lean Expert certification. At end of certification, delegate will be able to effectively apply a range of Lean Tools, be part of the change agent for the organization to transform into a Lean organization. The delegate will also be able to lead cross functional team to execute projects that focus on reduction of cost, streamline process and improve the operation.

Key Benefits

• Be recognized as a Certified Lean Expert
• Learn the Lean methodology, tools and techniques.
• Learn to apply CLE tools & techniques to analyze real life problem
• Acquire the knowledge and skills to led CLE projects
• Ability to lead project teams to achieve breakthrough results.
• Apply Lean Tools to tackle cycle time reduction and process improvement.
• Learn tools and techniques for organization Kaizen event

The course is structured to covers application to different industry with case studies and different application. The courses consist of 5 different modules as shows:


• Introduction to Lean Concept
• The Toyota Way & Toyoda Family
• 4Ps Philosophy of Toyota Way

• Analyzing Work Activities
• Classification of Waste Symptom -7W
• Searching for Waste / Elimination Technique
• Lean Project Management – A3

• Managing a Kaizen Events
• Facilitating Events using Kaizen Tools
• Project Selection Matrix

• Value Stream Analysis
• Create Flow & Establish Pull
• Reducing inventory through JIT & Pull
• Quick Changeover for Operational Flexibility and Responsiveness
• Perfecting Operation – One Piece flow
• Kanban and Re-ordering Point
• Smooth manufacturing through TAKT
• Lean application for customer service
• Lean for transaction in service industry

• Standard Work / Jidoka / Built in Quality
• Zero Defect through Poka Yoke
• 5S and Visual Management

Please fax or email your completed form to:
Fax: (65) 6467 4226
E-mail: enquiries@sqi.org.sg


Delegate can go for either one of the following certificate:

Type of Certificate Assessment
Certificate of Competence Examination
Certificate of Achievement Examination and Project

*Project savings achieved for the project must be more than SGD $10,000 per annum


Type of Certificate Assessment Method Member (incl 7% GST) Non-Member (incl 7% GST)
Certificate of Competence Examination $2,193.50 $2,729.57
Certificate of Achievement Examination and Project $2,653.60 $3,189.70

*Course fees including training materials and light refreshment

Registration Fee of $17.12 and Exam & Certification fees of $214 per participant will be added to all Certified Courses. (inclusive 7% GST)


1. Saturday | 8:45am to 5:15pm | 3 months | 80 hours
2. Written Exam–held approximately 4 weeks from end of course
3. Project Submission – within 6 Months from written Exam
4. Project Presentation – within 8 Months from written Exam


Management, Quality Professionals, CIP (Continuous Improvement Project) Professionals, Operational Excellence Professional, Manufacturing Engineers & Supervisors, Supply Chain Professionals who have interest in improving or streamline the process within the organization.

The course is not limited to only manufacturing, but also include industry like healthcare, retail, ecommerce and other industry.

Individuals interested in having certification for Certified Lean Expert (CLE).


Diploma or Degree holders with relevant working experience; and possess Project Management Skills; Analytical Skills.

Participants must have at least one potential project for execution; and possess Basic Skills in MS Excel and Power-Point applications.

TRAINING VENUE: No: 1, Sophia Road, #05-06/07, Peace Centre, Singapore 228149.