The Advanced Design of Experiment Course aims to provide practicing engineers, chemists and managers with a set of tools to systematically improve product design and processes. Particular emphasis is placed on techniques of efficient data collection and analysis using examples and case studies rather than theoretical presentation. Engineers, chemists, and managers will be imparted with the skills of practical statistical tools for process optimization, variance reduction and yield improvement.

The importance of Advanced Design of Experiment is demonstrated by the inclusion as one of the quality requirement of QS 9000 and the most powerful tool for the Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Millions of dollars have been saved through the efficient application of this tool. This course helps them to deal with the continuous need to optimize product design and process efficiency, in order to stay ahead in competitive markets.

This course will enable the participants to:
• provide means for tackling problems with long-term solutions.
• improve quality of products through optimizing the variables.
• reduce material waste due to frequent rejects on the product resulting from quality problems.
• increase productivity by reducing quality problems.
• reduce the cost of production due to ability to detect quality problems faster.
• incorporate the philosophy of Total Quality Management through “Do it right the first time and every time”.
• provide a clear picture of process optimization.
• enhance staff morale through improving quality of the products by scientific means.


1. Review of Design of Experiment (DOE)
• Revision of simple Design of Experiment.
• Linkage of DOE to Advanced DOE Experiment.

2. Efficient Screening Designs
• Fast screening of factors.
• Fractional factorial designs.
• Confounding analysis.
• Full analysis of ½ fraction.

3. Multiple Regression Systems
• Linear regression.
• Sum of squares (SS) and F-statistics.
• Multiple Regression.
• Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and R-square.

4. Advanced Optimization Studies
• Production optimization through experimentation.
• Response Surface Methodology.
• Method of steepest ascent.
• Calculation of response.
• Progress along the path and overshoot.

5. Case Studies

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This course is suitable for technical professionals as well as chemical professionals such as managers, engineers, engineering assistants and chemists involved in design, development, production, manufacturing, quality, and maintenance of the product.

Participants should have basic knowledge of statistics and Design of Experiment.

Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the course.

2-Days (9:00am – 5:00pm)

S$465.45 (For SQI Member), S$497.55 (For Non-Member)
Registration Fee of $17.12 apply
SDF funding & SkillsFuture applicable
All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST

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