Organisation Structure of SQI

The SQI is managed by an Executive Council, which comprises 17 members drawn from a wide cross-section of its member companies, organisations and individuals.

Executive Council (EXCO)

The functions of the Executive Committee are to:

  • Provide directions and future plans for the Institute.
  • Establish priority areas and goals, which lead to better development and upgrading of the Institute.
  • Formulate policies and all other matters affecting the Institute.
  • Define the terms of reference of committees and working groups as it considers appropriate for the organising and promoting of the activities of the Institute.
  • Authorise and approve the expenditure of such sum as it deems necessary for the effective operation of the Institute.
  • Establish contacts and collaborate with other related quality organisations overseas.
  • Approve the appointments and compositions of the various committees and working groups


There are altogether four committees, namely Education, Membership, Public Relations, and Social committees. This committee is set up to initiate and organize activities in accordance to the direction and programmes of the Executive Council, work closely with the Institute’s full-time executives to achieve successful implementation and publicity of the Institute’s activities. The functions of each committee are as follows:

Education Committee
Promotes training and education in the field of quality through a structured training framework and roadmap in support of continuing education, skills development for the career development of individual members. It also provides the means for the exchange of information among individuals and organisations concerned with quality.

The committee oversees numerous certified courses, diploma and short courses on various aspects of quality engineering and management.

Membership Committee
Promotes the Institute’s objectives to attract more members into the quality community, provides platforms for members and organizations to network and exchange knowledge, extends opportunities to members to participate in the Institute’s activities and to raise their professional knowledge.

Public Relations Committee
Keeps members informed of SQI’s activities and updates them with the latest Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) technology, through the publication of newsletter and through the promotion of closer ties with other QA/QC Authorities and Institutes for purpose of information exchange.

Social Committee
Organises social activities such as Education/Learning Visits, Dinner and Dance and other social outings, which promotes Committee Members and SQI Members with the opportunity to meet and get to know each other better.