Quotes from Organisations on SQI Courses

Quotes from Organisations on SQI Courses 2017-08-04T10:32:50+00:00

Two of our Reliability Engineers, Mr Ng Ee Yong and Mr Lee Kwong Yeong from DSO National Laboratories underwent the Certified Reliability Engineer course. It serves as a basic foundation for these new engineers so that they will be able to acquire the reliability knowledge and apply the correct tools taught in the workplace, such as the use of reliability prediction to predict the failure rates of parts.
With this foundation and experience gained, they will be able to progress in their technical career ladder. This course will also be useful to their new colleagues and we would recommend them to attend

Mr Chua Peck Seng,
Programme Manager,
DSO National Laboratories.

We are in the business of printing and binding of magazines, books, directories and periodicals. With the new knowledge, our officer, Mr Debarshi Ray who underwent the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt course, was able to complete a major cost savings project. He was also able to conduct training sessions on 6 sigma tools to other staff. These have improved his career prospects and the company intends to upgrade his current position.

Mr Alex Sim,
QA Manager,
Times Printers Pte Ltd