Managing Difficult People



Our comprehensive 2-day course designed to equip you with the invaluable skills necessary for effectively managing difficult personalities in the workplace. We understand the challenges that arise when navigating through diverse personalities, and our course aims to provide you with practical strategies and insights to transform challenging interactions into opportunities for growth and collaboration.

In today’s dynamic work environment, the ability to handle difficult individuals is not just a skill but a necessity for successful leadership and fostering positive team dynamics. Over the duration of program, we will explore various techniques and approaches that will empower you to confidently navigate through challenging situations and cultivate a more harmonious work environment.


• Understanding difficult behaviour
• Strategies when dealing with challenging people
• Learn key communication techniques to effectively manage them
• Fostering a positive team culture
• Class-room Assignments & Discussion


14 Hours Training 9am-5pm

Who Should Attend ?

This course is tailored for leaders in the workplace, including supervisors and managers, who are tasked with leading teams and managing different personalities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding leader, this course offers valuable insights and tools to enhance your effectiveness in managing people

Course Fees

Member Fee: $529.52
Non-Member Fee: $586.42

All fees stated are inclusive of Registration Fee and 9% GST.

Award of Certificate:

Certificate of Completion will be issued to participants who have attended at least 75% of the course.

Course Content

Total Training Hours: 14 hours
  • Are you the difficult one or are they the ones?   0/0

  • Knowing the different types of challenging people (passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive)   0/0

  • How to use social skills in people management   0/0

  • Strategies for managing “Hot Potatoes  0/0

  • What to do in a non-collaborative situation   0/0

  • Methods to disarm these people   0/0

  • Anger Management: EQ and IQ   0/0

  • When and how to use conflict resolution and mediation   0/0

  • Techniques to deal with unwarranted criticism   0/0

  • When to turn the problem over to the next level (your boss)   0/0

  • Self-care for yourself (burnout signs, balancing empathy with professionalism) Training Methodology   0/0


Trista Tan