About SQI

SQI International
About SQI

Our Story

Singapore Quality Institute (SQI), previously known as Singapore Quality & Reliability Association (SQRA) was formed in 1971 under the encouragement of the then Minister for Finance, Mr Hon Sui Sen, who got together a group of people led by Dr Lee Kum Tatt, past chairman of SISIR, to set up SQRA.

After making substantial progress over 17 years, in January 1988, an Ad-Hoc Committee was formed to look into the possibilities of constitutional change to turn the Association into a professional Institute. The members during the Extraordinary General Meeting on 24 February 1989 approved the proposed constitutional change. On 5 July 1989, the Registry of Society approved the change of name from SQRA to SQI as well as the changes in the Constitution to reflect the new professional image.

SQI operates as a non-profit professional Institute, which promotes and advances excellence in the field of quality in Singapore, and actively champion quality initiatives in the region and worldwide through networking and collaboration with other international quality organizations. The Institute is a World Partner of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and a Board Member of the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ).

Our Mission

To be the World Class Leader for Advancing, Learning and Sharing Knowledge on Quality and Its Best Practices.

Our Objectives

  • To provide recognition to members associated with quality as a specialised profession.
  • To enhance the field of quality and promote nationally an appreciation of quality and its importance.
  • To enhance the welfare of its members and other quality professionals.
  • To provide the sharing of information and knowledge concerning quality among individuals and organizations.
  • To be a central source of information regarding quality.
  • To provide the means, especially training and education, necessary and incidental to achieving its objectives.
About SQI

Our Journey

  • 1971

    Formation of Singapore Quality & Reliability Association (SQRA)

  • 1989

    Change of name to Singapore Quality Institute (SQI)

  • 2009

    Organized symposium SQI SPA

  • 2001

    Formation of SQI International

  • 2002

    World Partner of American Society for Quality (ASQ)

  • 2004

    Board Member of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)

  • 2006

    Approved training Provider for CQI & IRCA

  • 2014

    Became associated with WACQ

  • 2014 & 2006

    Organized international conferences ANQ

  • 2015

    Opening of new SQI Office

  • 2021

    SQI is celebrating 50th Anniversary

Code of Conduct

Every member shall strive to adhere to the following codes of conduct:

  • Will be honest and impartial in discharging his professional duties.
  • Will uphold and contribute to the prestige and professional competence of the Institute.
  • Will use his skills and knowledge to promote and practise acceptable quality assurance procedures.
  • Will contribute to the promotion of acceptance of quality products and services.
  • Will declare to his client or employer or any influence, connections or interests that might impair his impartiality in performance of his duties.
  • Will point out to his employer or client the adverse consequences to be expected if his professional judgment is overruled.
  • Will not disclose any information regarding his employer or client to any parties other than those who rightfully need to know the information in the course of work performed for the employer or the client.
  • Will not receive remunerations from more than one party for the same service without the consent of all parties.
  • Will not be charged in Court of Law for criminal offences.
  • Will uphold SQI’s constitution and professional code of conduct.

SQI International

SQI International Pte Ltd (SQI International) is a subsidiary of SQI formed in 2001. 

SQI International is an established and well sought-after training and professional development institute that provides high-quality courses in the area of quality management system, standards and business efficiency for the public as well as business corporations. SQI International also offers consultancy services in these said areas for organisations and companies that wish to maintain or even enhance their systems and operational processes. 

Being a subsidiary of the SQI, SQI International aims to raise the quality, productivity and standards of organisations, both local and abroad, ensuring that business efficiency, systems and operations remain at an optimal level. Amidst the emerging world of change and uncertainty, Quality Professionals across the globe continue to play a critical role which SQI International actively supports via its approved training programmes, consultancy services and events. SQI International aspires to be at the forefront in quality movement recognised in Singapore and regions afar. 

As a testament to being a high-quality training and professional development service provider, SQI International is presently an approved training provider for CQI & IRCA. SQI International also offers joint-programmes with American Society of Quality (ASQ) on Lean Six Sigma courses.