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SQI aims to make the process of becoming a Quality Professional as straightforward and relevant as possible, for those who are new to Quality or those who wish to enhance their credentials in a life-long learning approach. This is achieved by offering a wide-range of courses conducted by experienced, passionate and committed trainers.


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SQI offers the following training courses to all our members as well as other quality professionals. These courses are designed to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the participants.




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NEW COURSE: Certified SCRUM Practitioner

With many organisations such as American Express, Adobe, British Telecom, IBM and many more adopting SCRUM as a framework to design, implement and improve their products and processes. It is imperative for other organisations to adopt this transformational concept to remain relevant and competitive.

CQEA updated 600×450 (2)

NEW COURSE: Certified Quality Engineer for Aerospace

This course aims to equip participants with a complete set of tools and techniques for control and improvement of product quality, reliability and safety. It covers aspects pertaining to the implementation of an effective quality control system as well as experimental design for investigation and quality improvement. The course also covers management planning, inspection and testing to achieve reliable and safe products to customer specifications.


Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

During this Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) course, participants will be able to build on their existing knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. Attend this course virtually with 20% discount!


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