SQI / SPA Symposium

The SQI / SPA Symposium 2009 was held on 6th January 2009 at Furama RiverFront Hotel, Singapore. It was jointly organised by Singapore Quality Institute (SQI) and Singapore Productivity Association (SPA) and supported by SPRING Singapore. The theme of this symposium is “Achieving Business Excellence Through Quality & Productivity - Addressing Issues In A Globalised Economy”.
Opening Address by Mr Wee Siew Kim, Chairman of Singapore Quality Institute (SQI)

Welcome Address by Mr Bernard Tay, Vice-President of Singapore Productivity Association (SPA)

Speakers in Action


Keynote Speaker, Mr Seah Moon Ming (ST Engineering & ST Electronics)

Keynote Speaker, Mr Glenn Walters
(GW Enterprises)

Keynote Speaker, Dr Robin Mann
(Global Benchmarking Network)

Keynote Speaker, Mr Paul Steel
(Total Quality Inc)
Invited Speaker,
Associate Professor Tan Cher Ming
(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Invited Speaker, Ms Sharon Tay
(Singapore General Hospital)

Speakers in Action

SQA Winners’ Presentation Speaker,
Mr James Quek
(McDonald’s Restaurants Pte Ltd)

SQA Winners’ Presentation Speaker,
Mr George Madhavan
(PUB, Singapore)

Aligning thoughts with the speakers


Overwhelming attendance at the symposium



Q & A session


Crowd at the exhibition booths

Group Photo session: From Left to Right

 Mr Harnek Singh,
Programme Chairman

 Mr George Madhavan,
Director, Corporate Development, PUB

 Mr James Quek,
Head, Operations and Training, McDonald’s Restaurants Pte Ltd 

Dr Roy Rimington,
Chairperson, Main Organising Committee 

Ms Sharon Tay,
Manager, Accreditation & Licensing Unit, Singapore General Hospital

 Associate Professor Tan Cher Ming,
Faculty staff, School of EEE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Mr Paul Steel,
President, Total Quality Inc

 Dr Robin Mann,
Chairman, Global Benchmarking Network

 Mr Glenn Walters
President, GW Enterprises


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